…My name is Assata Shakur (slave name joanne chesimard), and i am a revolutionary. A Black revolutionary. By that i mean that i have declared war on all forces that have raped our women, castrated our men, and kept our babies empty bellied.

To My People

Assata Shakur  

Written in prison and broadcast via radio on July 4, 1973

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Life delivers an abundance of challenges, and sometimes it can really beat us up and make us question our own significance.  Self negativity tends to build up and stick to me like sludge, and I can’t shake it off until I remind myself that I am the enemy, and I need to fight back.  We all need to tell ourselves these words whenever we lose our faith.  So take care of yourself, and you’ll cleanse away the sludge that slows us down from our original purpose here on earth.